Sunday, May 5, 2013

Best Sites for freebies and samples

Freebies and Samples are attractive for everyone. While you would find thousands of sites that offer no cost samples or freebies, knowing which are legitimate and which are not means a lot. 

You don’t want to share your details only to get some spam. There are a lot of scam sites floating around, both online and off. 

Legitimate Sites for Freebies and Samples

There are some legitimate websites that offer freebies, and samples and tips and advice to find even more free stuff. The following are the best sites for getting freebies and samples. While most of them are offered worldwide, some are specific to countries.

1.    Freaky Freddie’s – 100s of free samples in various categories. Free samples updated every day.

2.    F for Free - This has freebies for specific countries – Worldwide, US, India, UK. Check the discounts and coupons section on this site.

3.    I Crave Freebies - Freebies, Free Stuff, Free Samples, Coupons, Hot Deals.

4.    Free Snatcher - Expensive Giveaways, printable coupons, store deals and free money and stuff.

5.    Hey It’s Free – Lots of categories to choose from. Regular updates to freebies.

6.    Sample Train – Free Samples in USA and other countries. Surveys, Contests and Coupons.

7.    Shop 4 Freebies – Daily updates. Samples, print and online coupons for restaurants, beauty, facebook giveaways.

8.    Seriously Free Stuff - Free Stuff, Giveaways, and Sweepstakes & Coupons! Updated daily.

9.    Sample Stuff – Great freebies on perfumes and deodorants. Coupons and Paid Surveys. 

10. The Freebie Source – Lots of categories from pet food, weekend passes, free software, cosmetics, and birthday freebies.

11. Known Freebies – Deals for India, UK Australia, USA and some worldwide deals.

12. Wowzila – Freebies from around the world. Check free stuff for India, UK, USA, New Zealand & Canada.

13. Vonbeau - Loads of free coupons every day for kids, men and women.

14. Freebie Shark – Freebies, Coupons, Deal and Sweeps.

15. Absurdly Cool – New freebies updated almost every day.

16. Pumpkins Freebies - Thousands of free product samples and Giveaways. No S&H.

Share which are your favorite freebie sites.

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